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My Favorite Jeans For The Summer

I beileve jeans in the summer are like coats in the winter, they're a necessity. From 90s jeans to low waisted jeans, I'm going to be showing you my top list for summer jeans 2023


Cargo jeans arent just a great place to fit all your cute accessories, they're also super in!! Pairing them with a neutral, or colorful cropped tee or tank makes a super cute outfit. Personally, I love baggy low waisted cargo jeans because I feel like they look very flattering on. But I could totally go for high waisted too, but for the summer I feel low waisted it more practical.


If you know me, you know I love my 90s jeans. They go with every top I pair them with. Pairing them with a cute tube top can make a very easy and casual outfit while still looking great. Both dark and light look great in the summer because they are so easy to pair because they go with almost everything.


Flare jeans are perfect for the summer!! Like the 90s jeans, they look cute with any crop top, but you can also pair them with a cute short sleeve summery blouse. And a lot of pairs are low rise so they are great for the warm weather.

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